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The title "Alma Tatuada" translates to "Tattooed Soul" in English, and the lyrics of the song focus on the idea of how true love can mark a couple’s life and moves them to trespass all the difficulties and challenges through life to the point that they enjoy this journey together. Musically, "Alma Tatuada" features a catchy and upbeat mix of reggaeton rhythm, with electronic and acoustic instrumentation. The song's melody is driven by a simple but catchy guitar riff, which is complemented by El Chamo’s vocal rhymes and a driving percussion track. This is ‘’Alma Tatuada’’ by El Tavo y Chamo, enjoy!

⎮Performer(s): El Tavo y Chamo
⎮Author(s): Guillermo Cabral, Gustavo Rodas
⎮Producer(s): Guillermo Cabral, Gustavo Rodas

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