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With a career spanning over 30years, E1 Ten, singer/song rhymer, music producer, illustrator and entertainer has a seriously impressive list of collaborations to his name. E1 TEN is the unpredictable silent, ever pensive guy in the corner of the room. The way he looks at the world, I mean in the most literal sense of the word, makes you wanna throw him a penny for his thoughts. A big mind seemingly at ease, in a wise weathered face, adorned with a spade, the secret symbol of “Funk music”. His voice has been heard on countless recordings, solo projects, rap albums, Go-Go styled efforts and Soul ventures and once you’ve experienced his character and his voice, you will always recognize it, floating on top of the beat or dragging slightly behind it, riding on the harmonies sideways like a surfer or straight up like a boxer.

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