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This EP is the best way from Bskar to explain how every season sounds to him. The sound and the genre of the music make perfect sense to his mind. The winter is rock. It’s the bars, the pubs the scotch and beers. The cold outside and the warm atmosphere inside a Pub. The season that brings everybody together. The season that can make a place to fit more people that it should fit and everybody is fine with that. You get to know
each other with no bothering about “why is this person touching me” , “why is this person so close to me”. It is all because it is cold outside.

Rock music is a genre that have been in most of people lives from Beatles, then Woodstock (so any things to say there) and even nowadays when a classic rock song
pops out on the radio there's a small amount of people who are going to say “well, lets change that station..”

That is the first thought of it! The second thought is that... that’s how winter sounds like. Love, thoughts, problems about the society and our social life, Friendship! Some of them are gone some
of them still with us.

⎮Performer(s): Bskar
⎮Author(s): Vasileios Skarlatos
⎮Producer(s): Vasileios Skarlatos

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