Walboomers Music was founded in 1996 when the music industry was an almost purely physical market. The company established itself as a respectable music distributor, record company and music publisher with many great hits nationally and internationally in the first 10 years. From 2007 Walboomers Music became more active with music publishing because of technological developments and decreasing sales of recorded music.


After the departure of Niels Walboomers from the company, Marc Walboomers has continued the business in 2010 with a further focus on the management of upcoming and established artists and producers.


Since the increasing success of streaming, Walboomers Music has been becoming more and more active as independent record label once more for musical talent from all musical genres from the Netherlands and abroad.

Walboomers Music
Tussen de Bogen 32
1013 JB Amsterdam
Telephone: +31 (0)20 471 31 07
Email: info@walboomers.com
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